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The Boy in Blue is Now The Man in Orange (2012)

It seems like every few years something happens that you don’t see coming in sports. Michael Jordan coming back to join the Washington Wizards, Brett Favre retiring then coming back to play for the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings, Mario Lemieux coming back after retirement to play for the Pittsburgh Penguins. These sports moments along with so many others stand out forever. You always assume the greats play with one team their whole career. Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson ONLY played for the Lakers; Tom Brady will only play for the New England Patriots along with so many others.

Peyton manning was the face of the Indianapolis Colt for 14 seasons. He was their number one pick back in 1998. He took the colts from being the team that other teams looked on a schedule as an easy win to the team no one wanted to face. He took them to two Super-bowls, winning one. He gave them constant accolades, four MVP trophies, record breaking seasons, but most importantly hope to city that on every Sunday they were witnessing one of the greatest to play the game.

So when the person who has wore the same blue jersey for fourteen years all of sudden takes a photo holding up a bright orange jersey, how do you feel? All of a sudden you have to prepare yourself to no longer hear “Peyton Manning and the colts” coming through your speakers, instead you’re going to now hear “Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos” weird right? The only things that are not in this is that Manning is still in the AFC and his team is still horse related, and he still will wear the number 18. This is where it stops. No more Indianapolis, in fact he won’t play there at all in the 2012 season. No more Primetime Colts vs. Patriots games now that the rivalry has officially been killed. He goes from indoor stadium to outdoors with high altitude. From dominating the AFC south he moves on to the AFC west.

The one thing that everyone will care about in the end is whether Peyton will change? Will he be fully recovered from the neck surgery? How rusty will he be after missing an entire year of football? Will he be able to control the offense and call the audible like he is so famous for when he was in Indy? Manning says he’s about 80 percent right now but of he had to play this Sunday he most certainly can. This is it for him. He is going to more than likely retire as a bronco. Many athletes who create legacies just to go a 2nd team before retiring never produce like they did with their old team. Manning is determined to be one of the greats who did; starting off with a simple touchdown with ease will be a very good beginning.