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The Internet Showed Me How to Love Again



Sometimes you think that you’ve moved on from your past, but the feelings of pleasure and joy keep trying to bring you back. It’s tough to hold on because you’re constantly being told, “you shouldn’t still enjoy this! You’re an adult now.” As a kid, I loved video games, cartoons, and graffiti. Even though these were a few of the things I loved as a child, they weren’t accepted by everyone. It seemed as though everyone around me was saying “You need to grow up and stop liking that shit.” (I swear…people really said this to me.)

So, I decided to listen to the “wise words” spoken to me. I stopped playing video games for a while, and I completely abandoned wrestling. After getting arrested for doing graffiti at 15, my mom punished me for the entire summer, (holy shit… that was a long summer.) Regardless of whether or not I was on punishment, I was no longer interested in the things from my childhood.Between friends and ex-girlfriends who just didn’t “get it,” it was easy for me to lose interest.

During my first year of college, I was out so much that I never had time for anything. I received a Xbox 360 for my birthday that year, so video games were slowly making a comeback into my life. I’ll never forget the night that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was released, conveniently the night right before my midterms. I couldn’t buy the game due to low funds, but a friend of mine had a copy. The next thing I know, we’re playing 12 hours straight, with breaks strictly for food and the bathroom. The entire time I’m thinking to myself  “I should really stop and study,” but then I thought, “Fuck that this is SO much fun.” Needless to say, I barely passed that midterm, but the feelings from the previous night made it all worth while.

As time went on, my video game usage continued to waver. More and more it seemed as though I never had time for the things I truly enjoyed.  In my last three years of college, I relocated and lived in Buffalo, New York. The locals there call their city “Ruff Buff,” but I don’t, just like I don’t call New York City the big apple (no one here does.)

The best thing Buffalo gave me was time. Buffalo is where I first started this blog. It’s where I slowly (and still very slowly) began to actually think about what I want to do with my life. I had school and a part-time job, but Buffalo was a slow city, so it felt like you had a full 24 hours to get things done.

The thing I got done was loving everything that made me who I am.

Getting back into video games was in full effect, and now I had more time available. All of my roommates and co-workers also played, so I had people around me with similar interests, and lord does that make a difference. Having video games back was a huge step toward feeling good again, but I always felt that something was missing for the cycle to be completed.

The squared circle.(wrestling).

I remember being in my room on Twitter during Valentine’s day in 2011. Long distance relationships suck, because you go months without seeing her, and Valentine’s day that year was just another day. While browsing on Twitter, I noticed that my timeline was exploding with tweets. Tons of people tweeting in caps with the same tweets “HOLY SHIT!,” or “NO WAY HE’S BACK.”  I was so confused as to what was going on. Everyone was watching, but I didn’t know what they were watching, or where to watch. Around midnight the hysteria calmed down, yet I still didn’t know exactly what was happening. Finally, I saw the words that would change everything …

“The Rock has returned to WWE.”

I couldn’t believe it at first. What was this all about? I decided to skip the questions and reading and went straight to the source that is the internet . It was the most awesome thing I had ever witnessed. Twenty-three minutes of pure joy that included screaming, yelling, that my girlfriend didn’t understand. It was more than just about The Rock returning, it was also about seeing grown ups go crazy for something involving pro wrestling. It felt like someone was telling me “those adults were not only wrong, but they were stupid.”

So I used Twitter to help me get back into wrestling. Tons of people sent me links of YouTube of matches I had missed, and all I kept thinking was, “what else did I miss?”

Then this happened.

And this.

Oh and this.

There were a few moments in between that were just as important, but there’s no solid YouTube video for them. Since 2011 I’ve been back into wrestling, and in 2015 I can officially say I would never change a thing. It took time to get back into the groove, but it wasn’t until the WWE Network came out that I was fully allowed to engulf myself back into wrasslin’. Twitter continued to help me in regards to knowing who is who, and where they came from. Live tweeting was something I officially took part in during Monday Night Raw, and Pay-Per-Views. FYI … NXT is even cooler when they do live specials.

Now I find myself not only a weekly watcher, but I am buying merchandise. I’m going to Summerslam in August at the Barclays Center! I am 100% going to WrestleMania next year in Dallas, Texas. I write for a video game website,, and of course there’s a wrestling section that I write for. It truly is something I love doing.

I learned recently that the best thing about being an adult compared to being a kid is that when you find something that you love, you never let it go. People may not think what you like is acceptable or cool, and will tell you to grow up; but when you’re an adult you do what you want, and no one can truly change your mind.

So thank you great people of the internet. You truly did help someone regain a love they thought was long lost. Thank you WWE Network, you always make time easy to manage.

Thank this guy too.

This was thankful moment too.

Okay I’m done.


By the way this happened ON MY BIRTHDAY