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You Will Always Disagree Until it Happens to You


For good or bad everyone has a right to express their opinion, if that was not the case I wouldn’t be sitting here typing away on something I have no clue if people will read (if you do read what I write HI AND THANK YOU). The opinions people have are not always the best, and most certainly not the smartest of thoughts, but that is why it’s an opinion, the opinion belongs to them and it’s not meant for you to try and change.

Side note: If people do not agree with your opinion they will change it.

Last week Miami Dolphins player Jonathan Martin left the team after being fed up with being bullied by teammate Pro Bowler Richie Incognito. At first no one knew why Martin left, he just left and his agent told his coaches and Dolphins management.

His agent asked to investigate what was going on that would cause his client to take off. At first the Dolphins denied anything until evidence showed up. Richie Incognito left a voice mail in which he threatened to kill Martin and called him a “Half Nigger piece of shit”. In a stadium program given out the week of Halloween Incognito named Martin as the easiest person to scare.

Football players are viewed by many as the toughest athletes because of brutality they give and receive on a weekly basis. It’s the sport that can make a man retire early simply to protect his health in the life after football, it’s also become the sport parents are always afraid of their young children playing. You put so much time and effort into lifting weights, running sprints, trying to be the alpha dog in a sport full of alpha dogs that you would never think that someone can actually be bullied right?


There are those who understand Jonathan Martins side, and there are those who do not. There are people who have been bullied, and there are those who have not. The ones who feel like Martin should have stood up for himself are the same ones who feel like they 100% would have stood up to Incognito and not allowed him to bully him. The ones who disagree with Martin also will see this as the NFL getting “soft”, they will also be the first to tell you that if they have a simple ankle sprain they could still compete in any sport because they have more heart than the next guy.

The thing about those people is that more than likely they have never had any type of experience like what Martin is going through and have no way of even understanding. They simply see a headline like “NFL Player Claims Teammate Bullied Him” and think “wow that guy is soft”. It is one thing if you never experienced something before, but a completely different situation if you never experienced something and refuse to see the other side that includes the person who is experiencing it. I have never been bullied in my life but that doesn’t mean i am going to call an NFL player soft because he claims to have been bullied. People are so quick to judge and come up with opinions that they sometimes never even try to evaluate and process their actual thoughts before getting on a keyboard and typing away. At the end of the day Bullying is wrong, we’re so quick to wanna protect everyone from it but a Professional Athlete makes the claim and people are ready to shut the door before he can even ring the bell.

And for what it’s worth I bet anyone who thinks Jonathan Martin is soft wouldn’t agree to any amount of money to actually say it to his face.